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There is always more to learn about locks and keys, especially given the constant technological advancement of these devices. Use this FAQ page to enlarge your knowledge. You will find plenty of practical information which will come in handy in a wide array of situations. Keep visiting as often as you like!

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Need answers to frequently asked lock related questions? Do you want to know how to get rid of key problems or even the keys themselves? You will find our answers perfect. They are short and answer each one of the questions with consistency. They will help you a lot especially during troubled times.

  • What mechanisms can I use to back up my UPVC door lock?

    UPVC door locks already offer a great deal of sturdiness and security to your home’s entrances, but you might be looking for something to better their effectiveness. If so, consider having dead bolts, hinge bolts and latches installed on the doors as well. This way you are securing your already stalwart door, giving it more support and ensuring that your home is impenetrable.

  • What is lock rekeying?

    Lock rekeying is the changing of the lock's pins. When the key enters the lock, its pins must match the pins of the lock in order for the door to open and lock. With lock rekey, you actually get new keys and, thus, the existing lock's pins must change.

  • What security measures are best for offices?

    Apart from good deadlock installation at all entry points, our experts suggest practical emergency exit locks and access control systems. It's also convenient to combine such systems with digital locks since codes are handed out to employees and erased easier than normal keys.

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